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Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

So what should you do when you see water on the floor at or near your indoor AC Unit?

This is the number one question Virginia Air Heating and Cooling get asked when new clients call us.

We tell anyone calling us to immediately go to their thermostat (the control box on the wall where you move the temperature up or down) and turn the ac setting to the OFF position and your fan setting to the auto or off position then have a professional HVAC technician check your ac ASAP!

"Did you know when your ac is running, it condenses water? Most homeowners don't know this until water appears on their floor!

We continuously respond to calls where the homeowner leaves a system running thinking the water will stop eventually or they don't realize the water on the floor is from their AC unit. Not addressing this leak can make matters worse by causing expensive damage to the actual working parts in your system; such as the blower or compressor.

So if your air conditioner creates water why is it now leaking water onto your floor?

There isn't just one answer but we can give you the 3 every day reasons based on our service calls:

1) The condensate pan or drain that disposes of this water is clogged.

2) The condensate pan or drain has developed a breach or break.

3) Last but not least, your ac is freezing up.

Keep in mind, you can have one or all three of the reasons above.

So what causes these issues?

The number #1 reason is a dirty air filter or the system itself is in need of maintenance and cleaning. Remember a filter cannot block all of the dirt particles it brings in so not having regular maintenance and cleaning results in dirt build up over time, causing leaks.

#2 Loss of/leaking refrigerant.

#3 A part has failed.

How can a leak be avoided?

1) CHANGE YOUR FILTER and/or CLEAN YOUR PRE-FILTERS in your electronic air cleaner EVERY THIRTY (30) DAYS. If you run your fan to the "ON" position continuously, then you may need to replace or clean your filters every 2 to 3 weeks. Those of us with 4" to 6" thick filters, sometimes called media filters, should change them every two to six months depending on if you run your fan on auto or on.

#2) Have Your Systems Checked and Cleaned Every Fall before the cold of winter and Spring before the heat of summer. Obviously, no one can ever guarantee a part won't fail causing one of these water issues but the idea is to do what you can to try and catch issues before they become a much larger issue for your health and wallet.

You are always welcome to call us with any questions. If you haven't had your system checked or it has been awhile, call our office to schedule a visit. We'll be glad to perform a one-time check to make sure your system is working to specs and make sure it is clean.

If you prefer a twice-a-year maintenance plan, visit Our Home Comfort Club tab on our website to see what our plan covers.

Our Home Comfort Club includes emailing you reminder(s) every spring and fall to schedule.


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