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5 Signs You May Need to Call Virginia Air for Service

Most will agree that a central heating and cooling system is an important component of any home in Virginia and, with the extreme weather conditions, it’s imperative to have a well-operating heating and air conditioner.

5 Signs You May Need to Call Virginia Air for Service.

Knowing the signs of potential malfunctions in your HVAC system will help you avoid expensive repairs. Contact Virginia Air Heating and Cooling if you notice any of these symptoms below. Being proactive will stop unnecessarily expensive repairs.

1. Not blowing air inside or is blowing but no heat or cool

It’s a hot day, and your system is not pushing out any cool air. This isn’t only annoying and uncomfortable but can be downright dangerous for people with health issues. You may not be getting any cool air for a number of reasons. One could be the fan is not working, or the refrigerant, aka Freon, levels are not to manufacturer's specifications. Yet another possibility could be the unit’s compressor is not running.

2. Your House is Extra Dusty

You dust and dust but there never seems to be an end to it. This could be as simple as a dirty filter or an actual sign your HVAC system is dirty. With the buildup of dirt, your unit ends up cycling those particles into your house. A dirty system also has to work harder to maintain temperature and that can mean higher utility bills or breakdowns.

If you don’t get your unit cleaned regularly, you could end up with a costly meltdown in the near future. This is why you should schedule cleaning appointments every six months.

3. The HVAC Unit Turning On and Off Quickly aka Short-Cycling

This could be a sign of several things like an air flow restriction such as a dirty filter, a safety device in your system doing its job or even a thermostat issue. Your technician from Virginia Air Heating and Cooling will check your system, including the thermostat to diagnose the cause of any failure.

4. There Is Water Around the Indoor Unit

Water around the unit can be a sign of more than one issue. There could be a problem with the condensate drain or the indoor coil has a break or breach (a more serious issue) that could be leaking water or a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant can cause health problems, so you’ll want to get this checked out right away.

5. You’re Hearing Strange Sounds

Hearing a strange noise – whether it’s clunking, rattling, or scratching – can be annoying and anxiety-inducing. The first thought that enters a person’s mind is they’re in for a costly air conditioning or heating repair bill or an entire replacement of their HVAC system. Not all noises result in a complete overhaul of your system. In some cases, we simply need to provide routine maintenance.

The most important thing to keep in mind is you shouldn’t put off calling us. A heating or air conditioner repair bill will always be better than the bill you get for a complete replacement. The faster you act – the more money you’ll save.

Call Virginia Air Heating and Cooling for routine maintenance today so these top 5 reasons cause you no concern.


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