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April Blog, Before You Turn Your AC On

Spring is here and days are getting warmer even though we still have surprise moments of cold nights. Before turning on your Air Conditioning Unit here is a quick checklist to make sure you have an efficiently running system.

  • Change or clean your indoor air filter

  • Turn your humidifier off if you have one

  • Clear any debris from on or around your outdoor unit carefully to avoid putting pressure on the outside fins or damaging the electric and refrigerant lines

  • Make sure all return and supply registers are not blocked by furniture or any other items

  • Change your thermostat batteries if there are any.

If you are not sure or are uncomfortable with any of these items, please contact Virginia Air Heating & Cooling so we can have our technician inspect and test your air condition system to ensure your system is working to your manufacturer’s specifications and is clean.

Heat Pump/ Air Conditioning Coils

Condenser and evaporator coils remove excess heat from your system. Even Bill Nye the Science Guy took the time to explain to kids how a heat pump works (forward to 16:45 to see this portion of the segment).

It’s important that the coils remain clean; otherwise, the heat could end up trapped in your system and create costly repairs. The major component to maintaining clean coils is keeping your indoor air filter(s) clean. Unfortunately, air filters can’t prevent every bit of dust or debris from entering your system. When you think about it, an air filter blocking every minute piece of dust or debris would most likely restrict air flow as well. This is where maintenance comes in.

Properly cleaning coils can be time consuming to prevent bending air-direction fins or disconnecting/using parts and materials to gain access to the indoor coils. There are all sorts of general information on the internet on how-to but every residential system is not identically installed thus worth having a trained technician go over your system and give you suggestions.

Some general maintenance “tips” can actually create a problem for your particular model or installation which a trained HVAC mechanic would be able to share with you.

Condensation or Drip Pans

In Cooling mode, condensation or “drip” pans are shaped and designed to catch the falling condensation water from your indoor coil. A clogged or blocked drain can back up into your pan causing the water to overflow into your system and/or water on the floor with possibly flooding. This not only creates possible damage to your system’s components and items outside and around your system but encourages growth of mold and mildew. When performing maintenance, your technician will flush the drain and/or primary pan to help prevent debris off your coil or pan from blocking your drain. This requires your technician to be able to access your condensation drain system. A simple clear easy-trap with a brush can be installed to allow easy access for you and your technician thus preventing the constant cutting and repair of your condensate drain or replacing the drain due to no available access points to cut open. Check out our website video on how an EZ Trap works below!

How To Clear Your EZ Trap

Check for Leaks!

Water leaks are usually a telltale sign your heating or cooling is not working correctly. If you notice any leaking, it’s best that you call Virginia Air Heating & Cooling to find the source and fix the leak immediately.

We want you to have a comfortably cool summer with your AC Unit working correctly! Call Virginia Air Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment today!


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