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Customer Service is Virginia Air Heating & Cooling’s #1 Priority

We at Virginia Air Heating & Cooling wanted to start off 2023 expressing how THANKFUL we are to have such kind and caring staff to work with every day. Our amazing staff strives to be as professional, kind, caring and always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. We have seen so many ups and downs the last few years with COVID 19, extreme weather damage that closed down factories and shipping issues that required all of us to “think outside the box.”

Our team at Virginia Air Heating & Cooling has managed to keep our focus of providing outstanding customer service during all these hard times. We realized early on the need to be adaptable. This required working every day to install parts as soon as they came in for our clients waiting to get their systems running, driving many hours to get parts that would otherwise take weeks and also being open on holidays, evenings and weekends when a large percentage of our competitors were not.

We realized in urgent situations, we wanted to speak with people at the business, not a computer or call center. Though our team sacrificed not being with our families, it meant our family of customers would have us to depend on to have their HVAC system working safely and effectively.

We went as far as to go looking at different articles and findings to keep us motivated and we posted them for our employees. We wanted to share them with you as to why it is that important to us to PROVIDE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, the way we would want to be treated!

Did you know in 2022:
  • 96% of customers will leave a company if they encounter poor customer support—says Forbes. Today’s customer wants to be treated well, and they’re not willing to settle for anything less.

  • An honest human voice is preferred by 75% of consumers over a carefully produced brand message. (Khoros)

  • 67% of customers hang up in frustration when they are unable to speak with a customer support agent. (Glance)

  • Consumers from The United States are willing to pay 17% more to buy from a company with excellent customer service. (American Express)

  • Employee engagement is 1.5 times higher in businesses that thrive at providing excellent customer service than those that don’t. (Experience Matter Benchmark Report)

  • 35.2% of US customers give 5-star ratings because they had a good customer service experience. (Netomi)

  • Good customer service was recognized as the most crucial factor in purchasing decisions by 83% of customers—apart from the pricing and product. (Khoros)

  • More than 76% of all customers prefer the conventional method of phone calls to contact customer support agents. (CFI)

  • Customers who receive outstanding customer service are 93% more likely to return to a business. (Hubspot Research)

  • A satisfied customer will share their positive experience with about 11 people and recommend your brand as well. (American Express)

  • Businesses that prioritize the customer experience see 4-8% better revenue growth than the rest of their competitors. (Bain and Company)

  • Businesses that prioritize providing better customer service can grow their revenues by 4% to 8% above their market. (Bain and Company)


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