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Fall is the Best Time to Service Your Heating System

Now that Halloween trick or treating is over and the weather is starting to change, it’s really important to make sure your HVAC system has been serviced before the cold frigid weather begins. Colder weather brings on more heating demand, and more heating demands means your HVAC system is about to be put through the works once again! Turning on the heat may create a distinctive smell which reminds of that winter is coming. That smell is exactly why you need HVAC maintenance! The dust has settled in your system. This is why it’s a good time to schedule your maintenance with Virginia Air Heating and Cooling. Why is it a good time to call us now, here are some reasons.

Our Long Hot Summers in Virginia means more stress on your system.

Virginia summers are known for its heat and humidity that overstays its welcome. What most may not realize is your ac typically shares the same blower as your heat. That same air cycling through your HVAC is flowing through your heating system whether your system is running heat, air conditioning or just the fan. Any wear and tear from running your ac, may affect your heat as well. It is better to immediately address the issue rather than let the worn parts get worse or fail during the winter. The HVAC industry is still struggling to get certain parts like motors and controls right away and leaving your home without heat can cause further damage like frozen pipes.

Prevent Costly Heating Repairs

We receive many phone calls during the summer and winter months with high electric or gas bills. The first thing your electric or gas company will tell you is to have your HVAC system checked. It can be debilitating to your pocketbook when a failure has occurred and you have to pay for a repair and the high energy bills. Finding potential failures during a preventative maintenance can keep those issues from becoming large and costly repairs before it affects your energy bills.

Small issues are easier to catch if you regularly have maintenance on your system. Minor heating repairs prevent larger problems down the line. HVAC maintenance can help you avoid:

· Complete heater breakdowns

· Inconsistant blower operation

· Dirty air filters

· Unusually loud components

· Foul-smelling air when the system is on

· Carbon monoxide leaks

· Frequent cycles

Our maintenance process goes over the workings of your heating system, adjusting, tightening and cleaning to ensure your heater is working to the manufacturer’s specifications. After all, the winter is when you need it most. We will make sure it’s ready and functioning in prime condition.

Save Your Money For Something Better

Preventative maintenance allows a homeowner to spend money when their system needs a touch-up rather than shelling out large amounts of cash for a major repair. Minor touch-ups helps your system run more efficiently. Over time, a more efficient system can save you up to 20% on your energy bill. Heaters and air conditioners average longevity is 12-15 years depending on the type of system you have and if they’re taken care of properly. Your HVAC maintenance can extend your system’s lifespan, so you don’t have to find a replacement sooner than necessary.

It pays to be a little cautious now and then. Protect your system by scheduling regular maintenance now with Virginia Air Heating & Cooling. Our knowledgeable technicians will take care of your system so it takes care of you.


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