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Virginia Air, Is It Time for a Gas Furnace?

When winter is here everyone is worried about their heating systems. If you are worried about the high cost of utility, the uncomfortable temperatures in your home, or your heating system being more than a decade old, it is time for you to consider a new gas furnace. Today, it is vital for every home to include a central heating system, which has replaced the countryside fireplace. It is installed in secluded areas that do not need regular cooling such as the basements or closets. Most houses today are being built with a combined central heating and air conditioning system. However, not all furnaces are suitable for your home. There are numerous considerations when choosing the right furnace, which should match your house for heating efficiency.

You should recognize the type and conditions of gas furnace you require, that which is suitable for your home. Natural gas heating options vary from big central heating unit to petite wall units and fireplaces. A system that is over sized can turn out to be very wasteful while that which is undersized may make your home uncomfortable. The proper size for a furnace depends on home size, structure, and insulation, use of the house and the lowest winter temperatures in your region. It should operate nearly constantly during winter’s most severe temperature by keeping your house at roughly 70 degrees F. Basically, a gas furnace unit consists of 3 systems: a heat creation unit, heat distribution system, and a heat control system, thermostat setting to regulate the heat production and distribution. However, it may include other heat control gadgets like the damper and vent.

One requires the help of a licensed and certified technician, like Virginia Air in Alexandria, Virginia to determine what size you require. He or she is able to estimate your home’s heat loss and calculate peak heating demand through calculating the wall, top, and floor space that is exposed, and the home’s insulation amount. The technician should also direct you on using and maintaining the system appropriately such as frequent changing or cleaning up of the air filters and registers.

Cost of a gas furnace can prove to be unattractive and is therefore important to compare the initial cost of buying and installing a system, and its standard yearly operating cost. However, going for the cheapest unit does not automatically mean saving money on service bills. Conversely, the most expensive may not also be the most appropriate for your home. To save money you will need to reduce your bills by lowering your thermostat or installing an automatic one, caulking your windows and door frameworks, insulating switch, or electrical outlet plates on the outer walls, closing top floor registers during winter to let hot air ascend and opening them during summer to let cool air fall to the lowest floor, repairing and maintaining areas such as the chimney, ceiling insulation, duct work, thermostat, and keeping unheated areas or storm windows and doors tightly closed. Have your home’s comfort under your control by choosing a modern, reliable, and efficient system.


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