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How Important Is It to Maintain Your AC during a Pandemic and Is It Safe?

1. Is it safe to have service technicians come into my home right now?

Yes. It remains safe to have our qualified technicians enter your home as long as you are following the safety protocols. There are certain protocols and recommendations put forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that simply must be followed during the pandemic.

Our protocols are: A) Always remain ten feet (10 ft) away from our service technician,

B) Open All Doors, Clear All Pathways and Turn On all Lights leading from the point of our technician's entrance into your home to your indoor unit(s) to prevent the technician from touching anything other than your unit, AND

C) Have any conversations with the technician OUTSIDE of your home.

2. If I do need to call for service, will I need to come in contact with a service person?

No. Each technician in our company has a specific area they service daily so that technician either has serviced your home previously or knows your housing development.

There are many ways to continue to receive great service and be safe at the same time. Here are a few tips: – Stay outside during the service call; you can simply prop doors open so there is no touching of doors. – Have any needed conversations outside or in an open garage. – Ask the technician to instruct you on how they want the thermostat set during the diagnostic or maintenance procedure or simply have them sanitize it afterward.

3. Would it be a good idea to just postpone regular maintenance on my system until this pandemic passes?

No, Mother Nature waits for no one! Postponing or canceling regular maintenance on your system could potentially be a mistake. First of all, we are all stuck in our homes so now is the most crucial time to make sure your system is operating efficiently and filtering the air correctly. Dirty filters, coils or motors could impede the ability of your system to operate safely and efficiently with the added need to keep your air filtered and refreshed. Secondly we don't know when this pandemic will end. Your system may fail causing you to pay for repairs that may not have been necessary if your system had been maintained.

4. Are there accessories that can be added to my current HVAC system that could help me stay healthy?

Definitely! Now would certainly be a good time to ask some questions and see what could be done to enhance your own filtration system.

5. What if I don’t have any special kind of filter attached to my HVAC system?

In this case, it may be a good idea to periodically open doors and windows in your home to let some fresh air in to dilute any possible contaminants that may be trapped inside. Now might be a good time to look into these accessories.

6. Is it safe for me to change my own filter?

Absolutely! While we are all stuck in our homes, it is highly suggested to run your fan to the ON position to refresh the air faster. This setting will make your filter(s) dirty sooner than the normal AUTO setting so you may need to change or clean your filter more than once a month! Please take precautions when changing or cleaning your filter(s) to prevent contamination. If you have any questions on cleaning or changing your filter safely, please don't hesitate to email us using our Contact page on our website or phone our office.


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