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September Tips from VA Air Heating & Cooling

The weather in Virginia is unpredictable in September, one day hot and one day cold, which is why it is the best month to have your central HVAC system serviced. Our most consistent calls come from homeowners whose HVAC systems are working but leaking water. There are several reasons why this occurs in heat or ac. Make sure to read our August blog, ““Why is my air conditioning unit leaking water?” A system leaking water can easily become a large cause of water damage in your home as homeowners do not realize it is happening unless they see it!

At the start of September we encourage clients to schedule their Heat Maintenance. This is the perfect time, before the cold sets in, to make sure your system is in proper working condition.

What is a Whole House Humidifier and Dehumidifier?

A humidifier increases the humidity level and a dehumidifier decreases the humidity level. One of the most important ways we can affect the air quality in our home is by adjusting the humidity. The ideal humidity level in a home should be between 30-60% but to prevent mold and mildew growth, it is suggested to keep inside humidity below 60%. (

In summer or in humid climates, the idea is to bring the humidity down. This is what your central air conditioner essentially does but sometimes a central ac alone is not enough. That is when a whole house dehumidifier maybe necessary. In the winter, our heating systems can produce dry air so we may need to add moisture to our home with the aid of a humidifier.

A common method of increasing or decreasing moisture in the air of your home is to use a portable humidifier or dehumidifier but these are not always ideal to reach all areas inside the home. For that you need a whole house humidifier or dehumidifier, sometimes known as a central humidifier or dehumidifier. These central humidifiers and dehumidifiers attach to your central HVAC system adding or removing moisture from the air. Central humidifiers or dehumidifiers can be less tedious to maintain as portables require you fill them with water or you empty them of water.

Dehumidifiers are refrigerant coil systems with fans and sized by how many pints or gallons of water they remove per day. They are larger in size than a standard central humidifier, usually requiring them to be ducted into your central air duct system or used as a portable. They do have an air filter to prevent buildup on the fan and coils, usually a metal mesh filter, that requires to be cleaned so not to block airflow just like your ac filter.

There are three types of central HVAC humidifiers: steam, power and bypass. They all work by introducing water vapor into the air flowing through your HVAC duct system. Evaporator Pads in humidifiers need to be replaced before use in winter and sometimes again during the season depending on usage and the condition of your house water supply.

Regardless of the kind of whole house humidifier or dehumidifier, you need to make sure it is running properly and maintained to prevent water damage in your central system or home.

Call us today to discuss our Home Comfort Club and take the STRESS out of maintaining your home HVAC system!


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