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Virginia Air, Spring Air Conditioning Check Up

Why is Performing Air Conditioning Maintenance in the Spring So Important?

As the temperature in Virginia starts to rise in March, homeowners need to make sure that their AC units are ready for the heat of spring or summer. Virginia summers are hot and having an air conditioner not cooling properly will not only increase your energy bills but can potentially cause health issues. The most effective way to minimize a potential HVAC emergency is by scheduling regular maintenance for your Heating and Cooling.

As part of our preventative maintenance plan, Virginia Air Heating and Cooling’s Home Comfort Club allows one of our technicians to thoroughly examine your system and inform you of potential issues and the necessary steps for any repairs as needed. Any repairs performed under the Home Comfort Club plan is at a discounted rate.

Our Home Comfort Club will give you peace of mind knowing that your HVAC system will be running efficiently before the most drastic of weather conditions.

So Why is having your HVAC Maintenance so beneficial?:

Helps in Lower Costs and Energy-Efficiency

Regular maintenance inspections will keep your air conditioner running efficiently and smoothly. An efficient AC will reflect on your energy bills.

Longer Lasting Units

Regular maintenance will help prolong the lifespan of your cooling units and prevent costly repairs. Many emergencies can be prevented with simple affordable replacement parts, while large scale repairs can be costly.

Peace of Mind

Instead of worrying your AC system will breakdown in the near future, having regular maintenance will let you rest easy. Your spring and summer should be a time to celebrate vacations, family events and outdoor activities and shouldn’t be about worrying your air conditioner can’t handle the hot weather or will stop working.

Limited Emergencies

Regular Air Conditioner maintenance allows our technicians to examine and test your cooling for any minor issues and get them resolved before those issues have the chance to transform into critical ones, lessening the risk of severe HVAC disasters.

Ready to Schedule Your AC Maintenance? Contact us today!


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