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Your June HVAC Checklist from Virginia Air Heating and Cooling

As the weather gets warmer, people open windows to enjoy the breezes and smells of spring. Soon the heat of summer will set in so what steps should you take to keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently?

This June before summer heat sets in, be certain to check the list below.

· Did You Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance Appointment? Contact Virginia Air Heating and Cooling to schedule your maintenance service now. This critical appointment will make sure your HVAC system is running to manufacturer's specs and smoothly before the heat of summer comes when your house needs to stay cool and comfortable.

During this appointment, refrigerant levels and thermostat function will be verified, essential components cleaned, tested, and checked for performance to reduce the chances of failures down the road.

· Change Your Disposable Air Filters or Clean Your Air Cleaner Pre-Filters/Cells Replace disposable filters or clean your reusable filter model. If you check your filter monthly throughout the season to ensure it is clean this easy and inexpensive maintenance task can ensure your system can run efficiently and extend its longevity.

· Clear Your Exterior Areas to Ensure Proper Airflow Check around your outside units, clearing away any items stored too close for comfort. If you covered the unit over the winter, take it off by before turning your AC on. Check that bushes, grass or weeds have not grown around the system and trim them back. These steps will improve airflow and prevent your system from overheating.

· Check Vents & Registers in the Home Check that all vents and registers in your home are open and unblocked by household items, rugs, or furniture. This will ensure proper airflow and your systems will run. Remember, any situation that causes your system to struggle to move air reduces performance and system life.

· ‘Zone’ Carefully If you choose to close off vents in unused areas of your home, do so carefully. Never shut more than 20% of your home’s HVAC vents. Doing so will cause your system to struggle to force air through the remaining vents or stop cooling all together.

Contact Virginia Air Heating and Cooling today at 703-591-0000 to make an appointment to make sure that you can enjoy the month of June without worrying about expensive repairs to your HVAC systems.


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